Our Technology

TAKEnergy has partnered with RadMax Technologies Inc., of Spokane Washington, and has exclusive manufacturing and distribution rights to the patented RadMax Rotary Expander technology. This technology utilizes an efficient, simple and compact design to deliver green, zero emission power.  RadMax Technologies devices are easily configurable to meet the needs of diverse applications and requirements.

TAKEnergy will provide financial, technical and manufacturing expertise to fully commercialize the patented RadMax Rotary Expander technology.  We believe this technology will be a game changer in small scale power generation from natural gas pressure letdown applications.  Some of the features of RadMax technology:


• Low parts count with only two unique moving assemblies, the vanes and rotor, resulting in reduced component, assembly and maintenance costs, increased reliability, and reduced noise

• Device family parts are mirror image parts and are typically interchangeable

• Rotary motion input and output porting does not require complicated valving systems

• Easier field maintenance and repair 


• Continual, smooth rotary motion 

• Compact, lightweight design

• Easily scalable; volume capacity grows geometrically

• Multiple devices in one compact unit

• Agile technology easily modified for multiple devices, uses and applications

• Larger expansion to compression ratio capability results in a longer power stroke and greater fuel efficiency